Ian ColbanLettings Director

Q. Age?
A. Old enough to know better

Q. Height?
A. Not as tall as I think I am

Q. Favourite Film?
A. Life of Brian

Q. Favourite Food?
A. Love Seafood, but you cant beat a good steak

Q. Favourite Drink?
A. Espresso in the mornings , Nice glass of wine most times

Q. How did you end up Estate Agency?
A. By Accident

Q. Three words to describe you?
A. Friendly and woefully unfit

Q. Three words how your friends would describe you?
A. Who?

Q. Desert Island Disc?
A. Changes daily but Somewhere (Tom Waits) and Firestarter (Prodigy)

Q. Nickname?
A. Even my kids call me Colbz

Q. Iconic moment, something you will never forget?
A. Jonny Wilkinson drop goal 2003 or the Super-over cricket world cup 2019

Q. Phobias?
A. Not that keen on beetroot

Q. I’m terrible at?
A. Parking

Q. Your 1st Car?
A. HIlman Imp

Q. Last car
A. A red one

Q. Favourite Quote
A. “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word I am saying” Oscar Wilde

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