• It's good to be different...
    Professional Photography Everytime!

Hours scrolling through the internet has taught us one valuable lesson!

First impressions count.

At Matthew Anthony we believe that standing out from the crowd is one of the most important factors when advertising your home to potential buyers. For this reason alone, we employ the services of a Professional Photographer to capture the very best images of the property and allow us to create the perfect platform in which to showcase your property and all its features.

On instruction we will give you a copy of our photography guide. This booklet will offer some hints and tips in preparation for our visit.

Each shoot is individual, and we will generally try to complete the on-site work within an hour and a half. However, like every client, every property is unique too and the time frame will vary depending on how much work is involved. The lighting in and on your home is very important, so this may mean that depending on the position of the plot we will arrange for a certain time of day to shoot to make the most of the natural light available. We are always happy to answer any questions you have and prior to launching your home we will ask you to approve the final edit and photos.