Analysing property values and market conditions are one of the most important factors when looking to sell or let your home.

There are many quick options available and exploring the internet for similar properties will always be a good start, although it doesn’t necessarily provide the perfect picture. Providing statistical valuations based on data alone can often be misleading and a little confusing.

At Matthew Anthony we provide a comprehensive Property Valuation Report. We explore trends, growth and decline in market values, comparable evidence, sold data and much, much more. We analyse values based on price per square foot, adaptations, extensions, refurbishment and any modernisation that has been carried out and of course consider the style, location and amenities your home has to offer. We will discuss your motivations, your situation and the ideal outcomes. Like every property, every customer is unique too.

We believe the work we put in at the start pays dividends to our clients in the end. Launching your property to the market at the right price with the right marketing not only means increasing your chances of selling or letting quickly, but more so achieving the highest possible price.

If you would like us to organise a convenient time to value your home, please complete the form by clicking here, or give us a call on 01903 608080 to discuss in more detail.