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Everything You Need to Know About Renting in Worthing 07 May 2024

As one of the busiest estate agents in Worthing we"ve built up a big reputation for helping people buy and sell homes. Today the rental sector is just as important to us and is a significant part of our day to day work.

Worthing is such a popular and attractive place to live that it"s no surprise so many people want to rent a home here.... Read More

`Sold` Doesn`t Mean Your Estate Agent`s Work is Done! 15 April 2024

When your "For Sale" sign is changed to the one that says "Sold" you can really start thinking about the future and make solid plans for moving... or at least that"s what should happen!

When you accept an offer on your home it means that your estate agent has done a good job in finding the right buyer and negotiated a sale price that you"re happy with.... Read More

How To Choose An Estate Agent 11 March 2024

When you want an estate agent to help sell your home it"s all about choosing the right one. Sometimes the biggest problems are one that many agents bring on themselves, because often they seem to be speaking a totally different language!

Thankfully things have improved in recent times.... Read More

How Much Is Your Home Really Worth Right Now 06 February 2024

Wanting to know how much your home is worth is a natural thing for most people. With property prices always in the news for one reason or another, the temptation to check how much that "for sale" house on your street is on the market for is understandable.... Read More

New Year, New Home - How to Get Moving in 2024 05 January 2024

Predictions about the next twelve months come quick and fast this time of year. Every January crystal balls are polished and pronouncements are made about what the about the property market will look like over the coming twelve months.

Banks, building societies, surveyors, economists and media pundits will all have their say.... Read More

The Truth about the Property Market in Winter 01 December 2023

Winter starts on December 1st according to the Met Office and takes us through into the first months of the New Year. For anyone thinking of selling or buying a home at this time of year there are some basic factors everyone should know.

Any experienced estate agent will know that the market ebbs and flows throughout the year, usually in a fairly predictable way according to the season.... Read More

What Does Flexible Accommodation Really Mean? 06 November 2023

Whether you are selling your home or looking at properties to buy, the written descriptions you"ll see are equally as important as the photos when it comes to marketing.

A good write-up will give you a feel of a property before you visit and can tell you much more about what living there would be like.... Read More

Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Home 10 October 2023

When is the right time to sell your home? Right now!

We don"t say that because unique market conditions mean that this moment is better than last month was or next month will be. What we mean is that "right now" is always the best time to put your property on the market.... Read More

Why Landlords in Worthing Need a Letting Agent 11 September 2023

If you"re a landlord with rental property in or around Worthing in Sussex, why do you need a lettings agent?

The simple answer is for exactly the same reasons anyone letting property in any other location does too - we can make life simpler, stress-free and more profitable!... Read More

Wonderful Worthing - The Best Location on the Sussex Coast 02 August 2023

Worthing seems to be picking up quite a lot of mainstream and national news at the moment for all the right reasons! Just down along the coast to the east Brighton and Hove shouts louder and makes more noise, but as is often the case it"s the quiet ones you really need to keep an eye on!... Read More

The Shock of the New - A Friendly Estate Agent! 06 July 2023

July 30th this year is International Friendship Day, a worldwide celebration created by the United Nations which highlights the different forms the bond of friendship can take.

You might well ask yourself what that"s got to do with an estate agent? Let"s face it, our profession isn"t known for being held in high regard by the general public!... Read More

Top 10 Things Homebuyers Look for in a Property 02 August 2022

Property hunting is never easy, so a great way to narrow down the search is to establish a list of ‘must-haves" for your new home. Here are some of the most popular home attributes that buyers specifically search for…

Garages with Extra Storage Space
For most first-time buyers, owning a home is their first opportunity to gain some space after years of apartment living.... Read More