Getting to the start line! - Robs Story

Date Published 04 November 2019

Getting to the start line!

Sitting in the Hospital physio department in nothing bar a tight pair of pants, my socks and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. The tight pants had become a necessity, something I learned from my first visit, it keeps everything tucked away and seems to save any unwanted embarrassment for both me and Grant (my Physio). Grant is a modern-day Adonis, muscular yet lean, super fit and I must admit somewhat attractive, a far cry from my physical stature at present. He asks me how I'm doing in a softly spoken New Zealand accent. I've been dreading this moment, I'm about to announce I've entered a Marathon. To give you the back story, earlier in the year I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in both knees and have been seeing a physio (Grant) every three weeks to improve mobility and reduce the pain. I used to love running and it would be fair to all to announce now that this isn't my first Marathon. Back in 2016 I completed 26.2 miles of hell around Brighton, however since then the knee issues have got worse and have led to little or no running over the course of the past 2 years. So here I was about to blurt out that I may have made a monuments mistake and entered something that I'm very possibly unlikely going to be able to complete.

As a grown man it felt somewhat odd to say the least that I was asking someone, well almost a complete stranger really whether I could have permission to go running! I sat, in my tight pants, staring at the floor awaiting a response.

'Well, you can't make it any worse!',
Not the response I was expecting! But a good surprise none the less. We discussed the new adventure, the best training options and realistically how I could feasibly make it to the starting line without doing any more damage. The next 30 minutes consisted of stretching routines and strength training exercises, I never knew hopping on 1 leg could be so exhausting.
It felt like an early boost to get the all clear and I left feeling confident that with the right training and a bit of help from the Iron Man adonis Grant, I may actually pull this off.