This could get expensive!

Date Published 18 November 2019

Having decided that I'm going to turn myself in to an athlete (well at least get fit and hopefully lose some weight) over the course of the next 6 months, I've found myself spending some time scouring the internet. Searching for the perfect training plan, studying all the new gear I need and a lot that I probably don't. There is so much STUFF that seems to be on offer to runners, gone seem the days of lacing up your trainers and popping out for a jog. If the internet were to be believed, it looks like it's not just my knees that are going to take a pounding for this marathon but my wallet too.

Running seemingly has become a science, with sites dedicated to posture, stretching, running form, strength training, mindfulness and a whole host of other weird and wonderful techniques. It's all a bit daunting, so I've decided to stick to the simple approach of running for fun, well at least to begin with anyway. I'm sure as the miles ramp up and training increases, FUN probably won't enter into my vocabulary too much. I'm open to opinions and will happily take advice if people think it will help, inspire or improve the experience.

My view is that I'm not trying to complete some superhuman, insane, never been done before challenge. I shall leave that to the likes of Kipchoge, who in my eyes is the ultimate running machine. I'm not sure I can run 100m at the pace he ran the Vienna Marathon only a month ago. Human endeavour shows one thing, that no matter who you are or what the challenge, nothing is impossible. I may live to regret that statement over the next few months, but as for now there is a long road ahead and I shall be slowly plodding down it.

I've been very fortunate over the past few weeks to be able to spend time with friends who have offered up their time to come out and join me in the cold, dark and wet evenings. I can certainly recommend that if you're looking for 30 minutes to have a catch up in a guilt free non coffee and cake way, running gives you a great opportunity, although the conversation seems to get more limited the further I go, opting for breathing over topical discussion.

Training seems to be on track, although, to be honest, I'm not really sure what I should be doing or how far I should be going. My goal is to get to running 10 miles by the end of the festive period and then add on a mile each week in the New Year.

Thanks to everyone again who have offered both words of wisdom and the kindest of messages, Your support is gratefully received.

Have a great week