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Richard Davis

Richard Davis Area Manager

Q. Age?
A. 49

Q. Height?
A. 5’8 (well actually 5’6)

Q. Favourite Film?
A. Any Star Wars or Star Trek

Q. Favourite Food?
A. Mum’s Sunday roast

Q. Favourite Drink?
A. Definitely a G & T for medicinal purposes

Q. How did you end up Estate Agency?
A. Work experience at 16 years old and never left!

Q. Three words to describe you?
A. Reliable, Hardworking, Pretty cheery... (most of the time!)

Q. Three words how your friends would describe you?
A. Generous, Kind, Sometimes Grumpy!

Q. Desert Island Disc, 2 Songs?
A. Luther Vandross Never too much & Whitney Houston I have nothing

Q. Nickname?
A. Duracell Bunny

Q. Iconic moment, something you will never forget?
A. Playing keyboards at a gig at Wembley

Q. Phobias?
A. Snakes

Q. I’m terrible at?
A. Any kind of DIY

Q. Your 1st Car?
A. Austin Metro

Q. Your last car?
A. BMW Convertible

Q. Favourite Quote?
A. “What goes around comes around!”

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