Rob Marshall

Rob MarshallHead of Operations

Q. Age?
A. 40+

Q. Height?
A. 6.2’’

Q. Favourite Film?
A. How to Train your Dragon

Q. Favourite Food/
A. Pizza

Q. Favourite Drink/
A. A cold IPA

Q. How did you end up Estate Agency?
A. “I’m not an Estate Agent” 😊

Q. Three words to describe you?
A. Eclectic, Hungry & Sociable

Q. Three words how your friends would describe you?
A. I’m not sure I want to ask!

Q. Desert Island Disc, 2 Songs?
A. Comfortably Numb & Little Wing

Q. Nickname?
A. Marsh

Q. Iconic moment, something you will never forget?
A. Has to be the birth of my twin boys.

Q. Phobias?
A. Most things that might hurt me.

Q. I’m terrible at?
A. Knowing when I’m full… I eat far too much!

Q. Your 1st Car?
A. Fiesta 1.3LXi

Q. Your last Car?
A. BMW 3 Series

Q. Favourite Quote
A. “Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens” Jimmy Hendrix.

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